Is weekend service available:

EMC provides weekend service with technicians on call. Simply call our office leave a detail message with a description of the problem you are experiencing. Our voice mail system will generate a work order and dispatch a technician

Is there a minimum charge:

Yes, due to the logging and dispatching calls there is a one hour minimum charge for work performed.

Does EMC install and service other venders systems

Over the years we've worked with many substandard systems that have not serviced the clients needs. To give our clients a quality experience we have partnered with NEC and Samsung two world leaders in the communications field.   

How long has EMC been servicing clients

EMC has been providing telecommunications services in the greater Brewer and surrounding areas since 1989.

What if we have a telephone problem not listed

While we cannot list every possible problem, we do see a multitude of problems on a daily basis. Just ask and we may be able to provide a solution.


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  • Is our telephone system is outdated
  • Do we have enough telephone lines
  • what about remote access for our employees that work from home
  • Can the voice mail system notify us when we receive messages.
  • Is there voice mail to email notification
  • Could we use a conference phone
  • Is battery backup available
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