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On August 21st 2019 I contacted Eastern Maine communications through their website. I was looking to replace a fairly new telephone system that did not fit my needs. Within minutes of sending the email, i received a response. Within days Eastern Maine Communications had taken the time to sit down with us and discuss our needs. They then tailored an NEC Digitial telephone system to meet our needs. The Telephone system that Eastern Maine Communications installed for us is a better system, at a lower price point, than the system that it replaced.

In addition to the new telephone system, Eastern Maine Communications installed a new building paging system for us. The new system was installed quickly and professionally. After the installation was completed, we decided that another loudspeaker would be beneficial. It only took one email  and within a week another loudspeaker was installed.

The workmanship provided by Eastern Maine Communications is second to none. Everything that they installed looks and functions beautifully. The knowledge of our account representative, instilled a lot of confidence during the changeover process. I have far more confidence in the team from Eastern Maine Communications than i've ever had with our previous telephone system contractors.

In addition to identifying and selling us the system that we needed, then doing a great job installing it, Eastern Maine Communications took the time to train us on how to use our new phones, and made sure that we were comfortable with them. The few questions that i've had since the installation have been answered promptly and completely.

Ultimately, Eastern Maine Communications installed a great NEC Digital telephone system,at a great price, and has offered a fantastic level of service since the sale.

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